Snappy H’appy: WK 3 Watercolour Apps

Distressed FX

 Do you recognize this photo? Yes, previously posted as black and white for Michelle’s  Weekly Pet Challenge.
I love the canvas quality of this filter and with the photo edit, it has the feel of a watercolor,
which is this week’s Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge.
(For this challenge, I used an App I had on hand.)


the original

Free App: Clever Paint usually $1.99 – currently free.
Grab it here

22 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy: WK 3 Watercolour Apps

    1. I was quite surprised and happy with the results especially that the original was dark and dreary. I love that big eyed cat. He will be nine this year.

    1. We did. He really loved to pose when I was shooting with my Cannon but he has been camera shy since moving to iPod. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  1. I do remember it from the previous post 🙂 It looks as if you have painted colours across a textured wall 😉 I love how the parts of the background that could be distracting recedes and the cat pops out at you. Well done!

  2. The app most certainly gives the photo a painterly quality. I love the soft color blends. Kudos for using an app you already have. I’ve been going a little app crazy when I already have some pretty great ones. But hey, I guess I’m in the mood for change. 😉 Happy Snappy H’appy!

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