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A Sappy Happy Photo ~ week 1
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Little Dogs Laughed

A new weekly photo challenge from JX at WeLiveinaFlat and Meghan atFirebonnet.com

For the next twelve weeks, a new challenge will be posted which includes the opportunity to try out apps on smart phones. Click  here for the particulars.

This week’s challenge was bokeh-which I have played around with some, but have not really found any apps that I particularly like-they either distort the image, hide it, or make it difficult to move the effect around. The apps I have tried (including Lumie and InstaBokeh Fx) also crunch pixels BIG time-

The original photo I worked with is one that has been featured here in an earlier post:

So here is Plain Jack and Bokeh Jack (courtesy of Lumie and Real Bokeh-other apps used include Photo Toaster, Pic-Tap-Go and Snapseed):

And of course-Today’s Dog Quote:

If a dog will not come to you after having…

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