Sonel’s Corner ~ Droplets

original Canon Rebel 3Ti
Snapseed: Crop
Photo Studio: Marine
DixtressedFX: Surreal Charm

I shot these images with a Canon Rebil 3Ti and used my iPodTouch5 to edit.


5 thoughts on “Sonel’s Corner ~ Droplets

  1. Oh, this is just beautiful Basiga and I am sorry that I am seeing this only now. I received no pingback or comment from you and that is the reason why. 😦 What a great shot and love the edits! Thanks for taking part and for sharing. 😀

    1. Please, it may have been me. I don’t know how to or what to do. Happy that you got it and enjoy. I am working on the next one now. But it’s been one of those days, a technical challenging day.

      1. No problem at all Basiga. As long as you leave the link to your post for me every time, I will see it.

        I know the feeling. Having the same problem here too. Hope your days gets better. 😀

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