Phoneography Monday Challenge: Macro

This is my submission for the Phoneography Challenge: Macro.

Some of you may guess what it is, but I don’t want to reveal it quite yet.





Gear: iPodTouch5, Macro Cell Lens Band App: Snapseed: to adjust contrast

Check out the Phoneography Challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally and the pre-posting schedule options and join the challenge.

Did you guess?

Click here to see

Have a great week!
And happy shooting!

17 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday Challenge: Macro

  1. I saw it directly ! Ananas! Pineapple ! In case you don’t know, it is not a fruit! It is many fruits “glued” to each other like raspberry !
    When I learned that last year I was very surprised.
    So you took pictures of each fruits separately.

  2. Wonderful macro shots. I was going with artichoke, but the color wasn’t right. I am going to have to get a macro lens! Beautiful job.

    1. Thanks! This macro lens band is pretty amazing. It’s a fun inexpensive way to shoot. But just so you know, I do have an olloclip macro on my wish list.

  3. Great job! I guessed pine cone, but knew it was something else I’d seen before. As soon as I saw the pineapple, I metaphorically hit myself on the forehead for missing it.


    1. Thank you Sally, it was a great challenge for me. I enjoyed learning how to take that macro shot.
      Catch you next week in black and white.

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