iPhoneography App Review

Ohm Sweet Ohm

I have followed David Pasilla’s blog, iPhone Photographer, for the past year and just before last Christmas David generously offered to ‘gift’, to 10 followers, a photography app of their choice from a list in his post. I happened to be one of the lucky ones and selected the 645 Pro Mark II app. This post is dedicated to David as a Thank You in recognition of his generosity, and to the App Developer, jag.gr, for creating such a wonderful product. This app is not an editing program to be applied after the photo is taken — all choices are made before you take the photo.

Here are some available features:

  • You can shoot in one of seven different formats ranging from Square (6×6) to Panoramic (6×17).
  • There are nine different film choices, 4 B&W and 5 color.
  • 21 different lens filters.
  • Customization of the App’s interface features (shutter…

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