Phoneography Monday: Night


It’s Challenger’s Choice Monday!
4th Monday: Night Photography by Lens and Pens by Sally

my gear: iPod Touch5

8 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: Night

  1. wow. this is a nice shot. night shot with ipad is a challenge 🙂 u managed it well

    1. Thanks Amar, but I used an iPodTOuch on this one. I have not mastered the iPad for shooting yet. I have the mini and still find it awkward to take photos. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    1. Janet, thanks. The credit goes to the car’s headlights, shining the light for the shot. You know, one of those moments you see and” wish you had a camera” but in this case I did. Happy Holidays!

    1. I agree that night photography is a challenge. I really should have done my homework. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful holiday!

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