sister therapy





I do all my posting from my iPod, and the images look great and all the same size. But when I view it from a desktop, the images look large. This post is testing the image sizes. Which do you prefer? First is 300 (looks too small) second is 1024 (the usual size I post) and last looks like a thumbnail at 150.

dedicated to my sister at Memory Catcher

my gear: iPodTouch5, Apps: Over for text and art, Snapseed for frame and filter

11 thoughts on “sister therapy

    1. What’s your favorite flavor? I have a couple depending on which ice cream shoppe. Cardamom from the Three Twins and Macapuno from Marianne’s. Thanks for stopping by and sharing πŸ’“ Enjoy that ice cream.

  1. The second one looks better to me (for many different reasonsβ€”yum).

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