Phoneography Challenge: Macro

alstroemeria psittacina

The Peruvian Lilly, a native of South America signifying devotion, is my macro subject this month for the Phoneography Challenge: Macro.
I just happen to have these flowers around, because they were a birthday gift from my love.  At the shooting of these photos, I have had the lillies for 12 days.

Check out the Phoneography Challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally and the pre-posting schedule options, which I love because it makes my life easy.

macro of anther and stamen




My gear:  iPodTouch5, Macro Cell Band, and good lighting.

See amazing photomicrographs of the Peruvian Lilly.

This month’s macro photographers:

10 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Macro

  1. What a great choice for the macro for this month. I am particularly impressed by the first and third ones. I like the vintage, papery look of the 12 day old flowers. And that close up of the anther(?) is almost sci fi. Beautiful!

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