I left for the east coast the day before Typhoon Yolanda, aka Haiyan, hit the Philippines and with sparatic internet connection, I had no idea the extent of devastation until I returned a week later. Having family in the Philippines, the search began to find out information. This Man’s Journey has a lot of information. Please check it out and most importantly, please share and reblog.

Time World has a conglomeration of photos, which are worth the check, from various news correspondents.

Link for Missing persons search

At the writing of this post: (my focus is Cebu because I received word that a family member is missing)

— Central Visayas region, which includes Cebu: 74 dead, 102 injured and 5 missing.

See full stats of the Philippines Typhoon Update: The Latest On Deaths, Damage After Haiyan from The Associated Press

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