Phoneography Monday: Black and White

20131104-183714.jpg3rd Monday is black and white, the Phoneography Monday Challenge by by Lens and Pens by Sally

iPodTouch5, App: Snapseed: Black and White

13 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: Black and White

    1. I love the photos your new cell phone is producing. The black and white is sharp. Then scrolling down, the color was wow! Your composition is awesome!!! The layering of the landscape and lighting.
      By the way, thanks for the ping back!
      One more: live your profile pic!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your comment Sally. I appreciate it. I have noticed that the size of my posts are large?! I post right from my iPod, in fact. I’m 100% iPod: shoot, edit, post and read. So on my pod, everything looks fine. When I see the page on a desktop, the image is quite large. What do you suggest as a posting size?

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