The 10 Spot & How it Changed My Long Exposure Photography

LONG exposures

Photofocus (old site)

My name is Mark Gvazdinskas (AKA “Silent G”) and one small piece of dark glass has changed my photography and how I see the world. Forever.

I’m a landscape, architectural and concert photographer based in San Luis Obispo, California. When I’m not shooting product or working with other photographers at Really Right Stuff you can usually find me shooting up and down the coast. Along with taking pictures I love to teach and I was recently invited to be an instructor at the CLICK! California Photo Festival, focusing on long exposures seascapes. This was an incredible experience as some of the leading instructors in the industry take part in this week-long workshop. Now to my obsession…

Milky water and cloud movement in photos has always intrigued me. These elements give a somewhat dream-like effect to images, creating a unique contrast between static and dynamic subjects in a frame…

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