Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Infinitely infinite

Through the Eye of Bastet

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is just that for me…a challenge!  Infact the theme is: INFINITE!

If there is one thing you don’t really feel is the sense of wide open infinte spaces living in a mountain valley as I do…but I looked at the sample photograph and said…well, let’s give it a try!

These are what I came up with!

Looking up gives one a sense of the infinite, not surprisingly most religious buildings point to the sky:

One doesn’t have to look up at a religious building though:

Then there’s the deep feeling of perspective:

I’ll be searching out some other photos that might be worthy of this challenge.   I hope, in the meantime, you’ve enjoyed these!

And there are many more great photos of people who’ve participated in the challenge, just click one of the links below!

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