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Being true to yourself…
I’m connecting to this post by Otto von Münchow of Blue Hour Photo Workshops.
Worth the read.

«Be aware that the camera is simply an extension of ourselves, and thus you should take care to have your photos reflect who you are, what you see, and what your life is all about, because ultimately your photos are a visual history of who you are, what you do, and where you’ve been.» Lorenzo Dominguez

In Flow with Otto

Utsikten et eller annet sted fra På Schiphol flyplass

Our artistic work – or creative work – is a mirror of ourselves. It reflects who we are, our interests, what is important in our lives. Or ought to. Because only when we invest ourselves in our work, will it be a manifestation of who we are, whether in a subtle way or more tangible. If we don’t create with our hearts, the result will be both dreary and uninspired. Without emotional engagement and passion our work is going to reflect exactly that. Even when I am on assignment I try to find some way of getting myself involved no matter how boring the subject or the assignment might be in the first place. I use myself, and I try to find some connection I can personally relate to. When I teach my photographic workshops I try to learn more about each participant’s personal interests so that I can better…

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