Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


Sea. What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel? Do you remember the first time you went in the water? Had a wave crash on you? Felt the sand burn your feet? Do you feel more peaceful around water? Do you hate the beach? What’s the most interesting thing about the sea for you?

20130831-071626.jpgvast and expansive

20130831-072517.jpgrestful and relaxing



See more sea:

and even more

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

      1. Thank you so much .. It’s one of my favorite photos. My secret has never been a secret .. very bad on keeping secrets.

    1. Beautiful! I love your “out in the big blue sea” and that your photos display the various moods and colors of the sea, whereas my shots, all of the west coat Pacific and mainly in the Santa Cruz shores.

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