Sunset at the Parthenon and a “Hi Ho Silver” Moon – Athens part 2

Amazing shots !

A Word in Your Ear



It was the evening of 20th August 2013, when the mundane turned into the spectacular.   As I said in my previous post, some days are like a firework display, nothing much happens for a while then it all kicks off and on this particular day the show started around 6.50pm.

Many years ago I read John Le’Carre’s novel  “The Little Drummer Girl”.    Joseph (spy recruiter extraordinaire) wooed unsuspecting  Charlie (Charmaine) before revealing his true purpose.   Part of the plan involved taking her up to the Acropolis to watch the sunset (or was it sunrise?) over Athens.  She falls in love with him and the romanticism of the gesture and so did I.  Le Care’s description was poignant and evocative and left me with a strong desire to see the sun sinking behind Doric pillars whilst overlooking the vista of Athens city spread below.    Yet despite passing through Athens on…

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