Gesar flag



There are two flags that wave in the air at Pema Osel Ling. One is the American flag and the other, the Gesar flag.

King Gesar’s heroic task is to overcome the dark forces, both outer and inner, that bring war and hardship and obscure the spiritual path. Gesar’s ultimate victory promises that peace, harmony and enlightenment will prevail in the world.

The legend of King Gesar has been circulating among Tibetans for over 1000 years. Little known in the West, it is the longest epic in the world. Stories of Gesar were primarily passed down in oral form but even the existing written copies, which are estimated to comprise only 10% of the epic, number 246 volumes – containing over 1.5 million lines. King Gesar represents the principle of warriorship – not in the sense of war skills but in the sense of realizing the power, dignity and wakefulness that is inherent in all of us as human beings. The confident warrior conducts oneself with a gentle, fearless, and open-hearted intelligence in all aspects of life.


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