me2day ~ 820



burnt paper


Help me decide. I am having a difficult time deciding.  I am partial to the burnt paper because it exposes my gray hair more. Which do you prefer?  I need a new image.

Self portrait: me2day

iPodTouch5, App: Photo Studio: vintage and burnt paper




4 thoughts on “me2day ~ 820

  1. I like the Vintage – it has just a hint of natural color that offsets the sepia.

  2. There are two possibilities. First, your decision is already made. However, you shy back from the simple fact that the decision is to deny half of your images. Or secondly, your decision is really not met. Then helps you no advice! Finally, no advice leads to a decision. Any advice only increases the possibilities, between which you can choose.

    (I like unique vintage. The light is very sensitive and will make your skin glow., The contrast between the color of your eyes and your mouth creates a pleasant tension. Windswept hair And that completes the evocative portrait. Very well done! (;-) ))

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