Phoneography Challenge: Black and White


Nothing more black and white than a hotspot coffee house with free wifi.


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12 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Black and White

  1. What I like about your picture is the apparent contradiction in it. This is a place for people. It is made for them, so that they can meet there, maybe two friends for a coffee or a chat. Or during lunch breaks, the mother who buys her daughter a sandwich because they need right back to work. Or the traveler who feels alien in the city and near the other searches. But what we can see is: none of that. Really terrific. (Ok, the woman left the counter I do not count, she looks so lost in thought)

    1. Quite a roving eye you have and exactly as you describe, apparent contradiction! And she was lost in thought. Thank you for stopping by and your words.

    1. Melanee, thank you, but I think the contributing factor for the nostalgia is the checker board floor and everything looking like steel.

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