Smart phone technology and social media impact on photography

It is a social change for all age groups with a learning curve. Thanks for this post Melanie. I will be watching for more posts to share.

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Hands up everyone who’s noticed a different kind of Facebook feed of the visual kind? There are more photos than ever before featuring on my timeline; in fact some research suggests that Facebook has the highest numbers of photos uploaded daily, around 250 million. This new trend is been driven by youth and brands. It’s the old adage “a picture can say a thousand words”.

I am a member of the Dee Why RSL Camera Club, a great group of people where I think the average age is hovering somewhere in the mid-fifties. I gave a two hour presentation on the impact that social media is having on our favourite form of art, photography. It can be a hot topic amongst professional and amateur photographers. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction of my audience and the acceptance of this new trend. You can see the presentation below.


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