Daily Prompt – What is Love?

The numpty with a camera

DSC_0109 72

What is love? Warbled Howard Jones, A good question to ask.
Sat together on the prom with butties and flask?
Butterflies in tummy every time you see them smile
Missing your time together, pining for them all the while?

Thunderbolts and lightning, sonnets flying through the air?
Planning for the future knowing the other will be there?
That may be how it is for others, it is really not for me.
Cause no matter how I try I cannot make it work you see.

I find it too exhausting, all those emotional ups and downs.
Scrabbling for things in common when there is nothing to be found.
People wanting to change you into something that you’re not,
all the things you had about you end up put away, forgot.

I am not cold; far from it. I just never liked a gimmick,
and if the truth be told, I will…

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