serengetti2day ~ 0323

He, Serengetti, loved to pose for me. He loved having his picture taken.
What changed? Did he became camera shy? Is it because he doesn’t see the camera’s lens.
Is it because he doesn’t hear the camera click? Is he just tired of it all?
Maybe he doesn’t like the iPod or iPad Mini? Whatever the reason, he makes it known that he doesn’t want his picture taken.

I spent the day in bed today. I woke up with one if those enormous headaches. The kind that with each beat of a heartbeat, the headache pounds so strongly, you can feel it vibrate throughout your whole body. And with that intensity, I felt nausea. Serengetti kept me company.
Here he is. He sleeps with one eye open. Is he keeping guard so I don’t snap a shot?

Here we are. I used Snapseed App to convert the photo to black and white.

Good night!
All photos were shot and edited with iPad Mini and iPod Touch 5 and Snapseed App. Posted with WordPress App.

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