Reblogged: Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

When the Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood came out, I remember seeing this image. This photo, a moment frozen in one click. It’s just a photo, but it’s impact is strong. I grew up in 60’s, the era of rallies, protests, freedom and love. So this image brings back memories I wash out.

Today, a week later after the start of this challenge, I revisit this photo. I just happen to see it on the “Freshly Pressed” page and clicked on it, not knowing or not remembering anything about it.

Today, I don’t wash out this image from my mind. I stay with it and go passed the emotion.

Today, Frank and I have a victory. Congratulations Frank Cademartori!

Endless Frame Photography

A shot of a protest rally on the streets of my neighborhood in S. Korea. 

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