warrior spirit

Garuda, one of the four protective warrior spirits


Bhutanese hand carved wood plague of four protective warrior spirits of the cardinal directions greets you at our front door. Depicted here is the Garuda. The remaining three protective warrior spirits are the tiger, the snow lion, and the dragon. Their placement garuda or kyung, and dragon in the upper corners, and tiger and snow lion in the lower corners.

They are also an integral part of the rlung ta (wind horse) composition of prayer flags. The wind horse is typically shown without wings, and carries the Three Jewels or Wish Fulfilling Jewel. Its appearance is supposed to bring peace, wealth, and harmony. The ritual invocation of the rlung ta usually happens in the morning and during the growing moon. The wind horse flutter in the wind, and carry the prayers to heaven like the horse flying in the wind.

Read about wind horse and enjoy an online novel by Richard Friedericks Windhorse Rising.

photographed with iPodTouch5

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