Weekly Photo Challenge ~ the Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood


“For this inaugural phoneography challenge, document where you live using your camera phone to snap a picture, then create and publish a new post from your WordPress.com app with just your phone.”
Click here to: Read more about the challenge.

Living with the Redwoods, my neighborhood condensed:

1. The back road flooded this year.
2.  Prayer wheel suspended from a redwood tree on our path.
3. A foggy morning at the meditation center, Pema Osel Ling, just up the road.

1. Welcome to our outside world where we live 9 months of the year.
2. Redwood trees are our neighbors.
3. Looking up one of the redwood trees from our corraitos garden from # 1.
4. Salmon on our path by Dennis Patton, Marin metal sculptor.
5. Buddha in meditation hangs on a redwood tree in the corralitos.

See my panoramic neighborhood.

An added delight. Meet Serengetti – he loves the redwoods too.


Enjoying phoneography from my iPod Touch 5 and the WordPress.com App, Mixel collage App
note: this posting created entirely with WordPress.com App using my iPod Touch 5 , photos, editing. Great challenge. Thanks Cheri Lucas!

I must admit, I like the lazy way of posting via email. But this challenge was my “do something different”. And I really enjoyed it!

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ the Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

    1. He loves his name! He came to me a kitty, just left mom cat, with the name Brownie. SERENGETTI was more fitting for me to call him.

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