Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

The WordPress photo challenge this week is Lost in the Details.
Shot with my iPod Touch 5, Edit Invert with PS Express and detailed with Marble Cam App.

Emailed from iPod Touch

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog today and the condolences on the loss of Theresa. I look forward to following your blog.

    1. SeniSilat, thanks for a remark you made.
      Beautiful work! The theme you chose to display your work really displays the awesomeness of each photo. I look forward to your future postings!

    1. Thanks for stopping by duTchess! I love the colors too. You know, I had no control, the App just took over. (PS Express: Invert)
      I really enjoy your site. Ooops, I just noticed that I forgot to tic the Follow.
      Done. Appreciate your comments!

      1. duTchess, thank you. Wheneve I have a moment, I visit figmentsofadutchess … am enjoying it very much!

    1. I was stunned by it’s beauty as well. It’s the app. You should have seen the photo before I got “Lost in the Details”

    1. Madhu, i wish I could take credit. But really, I believe that the App: Marble Cam is entirely how the cymbidium orchids were “Lost in the Detail”. Thanks for sharing and liking.

  2. As a newbie in Photo Challenges plus I feel the challenge for me is stepped up because my entries are iPod Touch (I have seen amazingly breath taking photos out there), I do appreciate your support. Thank you for the votes and likes!

    1. The original photo needed a story and with these two edits, it came to life. Thank you for sharing your comment and the like.

    1. Thanks Vastlycurious.com . . .
      This is a photo of cymbidium orchids taken with iPod touch 5. I edited it with PS Express effect: Invert (I love Invert) and used the Marble Cam App to create the marble effect.

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