Tiny Todd Lilly

… me in 2020

Still in Doubt

Periodically, I jump in to take a look at my unattended website and think I really need to do something. For the last eight years, I’ve been working as a Social Media Coordinator and Blogging for a non profit, so I’ve had no time to spend taking care of Blogagaini.

I seem to change the theme every couple of years to give myself enthusiastic motivation. Today, I changed to the “Storia” theme. My photos seem to be lost in space. They did not drop in as I thought they would. So until Sotria and I have enough time to get familiar with each other, please enjoy these photos of the TinyTodd Lilly which I shot today. Although they are in color, Storia seems to like #BNW.

What has not changed, is that I sm still shooting with an iPhone. These days it’s an iPhone12miini.

I am “Still in Doubt” about continuing with this website. Let’s see if Storia will change my mind.

Enjoy these shots and leave me a message.